“Our program changes lives.” Kenneth Lewis, President

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation-Idaho, Inc. is to assist children in the Wood River Valley to become productive citizens by helping them complete their high school education and providing financial assistance for advanced learning.

Distinguishing Features of “I Have A Dream”

  • The “I Have A Dream” program is a long-term, year-round program that works with the same group of children from their elementary school years through high school and continuing on to advanced education.
  • The “I Have A Dream” program is personal.  It offers Dreamers long term relationships with caring adults.
  • Being a Dreamer gives them a feeling of identity and a sense of belonging.
  • All Dreamers are afforded equal opportunities to achieve and encouraged to do so.
  • The “I Have A Dream” program impacts not only the Dreamers, their parents, and siblings, but all students in the school.
  • The “I Have A Dream” goal is for all Dreamers to complete high school and have advanced educational opportunities. 

Since IHAD Foundation National’s founding in 1981, over 200 programs have supported students on the path to college in 28 states, Washington DC, and New Zealand. The active “I Have A Dream” network comprises 16 affiliates operating 36 programs across the United States.

Past and Present Dreamer Affiliates

Green = current White = past and present

Contact information for “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Idaho

President, Ken Lewis

Email address: (Ken Lewis) kenatihad@comcast.net

Mailing address: P.O. Box 10070 – Ketchum, Idaho 83340 

Project Coordinator, Pamela Donoso

Email address: pamela@ihaveadreamfoundationidaho.org

Cell Phone Number: (208) 720-8746